Trinity Thomas wearing Our Colour Medium Shade 01 cohesive wrap

Introducing: Our Colour

Athletic tape designed for you. No more 'one color fits all,' Our Colour is breaking barriers to create a more inclusive sports landscape.

University of Florida gymnast, Trinity Thomas wearing Deep - Shade 01

Our Mission

Our Colour is an athletic wrap that was created with inclusivity at the forefront of the brand. To protect, support and represent all athletes out on the competition floor, field, mat, and track. Our Colour ranges in skin colors from fair, light skin tones to deep, dark, rich skin tones. Our mission with Our Colour, is for each and every athlete to find their colour, their community and unite one another in sport.

Your Colour is Our Colour.

Kiya Johnson, Junior at LSU, scoring perfect 10.0 in Our Colour

College Gym News: Our Colour Wrap Introduces Inclusive Athletic Tape to College Sports

“Gymnastics is a very artistic sport, and I think having tape that matches my skin tone takes away the eyesore of white tape or a tape that’s lighter. Now on TV you can’t even tell I’m wearing tape,” Elexis Edwards, sophomore at Ohio State.

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Lexi Edwards, Sophomore at Ohio State University

Tiny Bow Project

Our Colour partnered with, University of Florida gymnast, Megan Skaggs and her Tiny Bow Project. Learn more about TBP's Allyship awarenss and RISE, a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination.

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Nya Reed & Megan Skaggs, Seniors from the University of Florida