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KIN Tape Medium - Shade 02

KIN Tape Medium - Shade 02

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  • 2” x 5.5 yds
  • Made of high-quality cotton material, latex-free, sweat resistant
  • Used to lift skin's fascia tissue and reduce inflammation, promote blood flow & healing

    How to use

    Prepare the skin

    Cut the tape and remove the backing

    • Cut an appropriate length of tape and round the edges. Remember, if you’re applying tension the tape should be slightly shorter than the length of where it’s being applied
    • Tear the backing leaving 2-4 centimeters on each end for anchors. Each grid marker on the back of the tape is 2 cm. Then gently pull to separate the two pieces while keeping the backing on the tape

    Apply the anchor

    • Remove the backing from one anchor end and apply the anchor without tension. Gently rub the tape to activate the adhesive

    Apply the tape with desired tension

    • Remove more of the backing leaving 2-4 cm at the end as the second anchor
    • Remove the rest of the backing and apply the anchor with no tension and then rub it

    Rub to activate adhesive

    • Use the shiny side of the backing to rub the entire length of the tape and activate the adhesive

    Remember the proper care after tape is applied

    • You can shower or swim with the tape applied, just pat it dry afterwards
    • If your skin has any redness, itching, or irritation, remove the tape. You may be allergic to the adhesive


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