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Cohesive Deep - Shade 01

Cohesive Deep - Shade 01

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This Our Colour Cohesive Wrap in Deep Shade 01 is the perfect athletic tape for any sports enthusiast.
  • Quantity Per Box: 12
  • Sports Type: Universal

This tape is breathable and water-resistant, ensuring that you stay comfortable and dry during any activity.

The cohesive wrap design allows for easy application and removal, while also providing reliable support to your muscles and joints.

  • Breathable design keeps you comfortable during activities
  • Water-resistant technology keeps you dry in any weather condition
  • Cohesive wrap design allows for easy application and removal
  • Pack of 12 ensures that you'll have plenty of tape on hand when needed

No matter what sport or physical activity you engage in, this Our Colour Cohesive Wrap will provide the support your body needs to perform at its best.


    How to use

    Cohesive wrap is most commonly used to support and wrap a joint and helps reduce injury swelling. Its stretchy nature allows comfort and some movement in the joint area.

    Apply with enough tension and layers to support the injury without fully locking out the joint and/or cutting off blood circulation.


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